To be the trusted partner to international and local business to integrate, influence and stimulate economic growth and productivity in Zimbabwe


To Promote, Connect, Educate and Advocate locally and internationally, on all business and investment matters that influence the socio-economic growth of Zimbabwe


We support business to enable them to complete on global scale and establish a brand- based culture of inclusive prosperity


We are innovative thinkers and deliver sustainable business solutions, drawn from our global network of strategic partners.

We combine these global ideas with our local expertise


Our team of professional technically strong and has extensive experience


Promoting Zimbabwe- an opportunity to foreign and local investors


Telling the Zimbabwe story and aspirations of the Zimbabwean people


Lobbying government to change legislation to create a viable investment environment


Promoting regional and international trade agreements that are in place with Zimbabwe and developing more markets for the country to trade with

The Team

The ZOB Forum was started by a vibrant group of passionate Zimbabweans who were inspired by the new President of Zimbabwe, H.E President E.D Mnangagwa’s mantra, “Zimbabwe is Open for Business”. These dynamic Zimbabweans decided they wanted to promote the vision of the President and the new dispensation. The ZOB Forum found there was a need to bridge the gap between the potential investors and the abundant Investment opportunities in Zimbabwe.

The ZOB Forum has initiated this process by facilitating networking platforms in various countries, including; Switzerland, South Africa, Cote D’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, China, Australia and Canada. At the events, The ZOB Forum coordinates these networking platforms to cover the various investment sectors including: Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Construction, ICT, Energy, Banking and Health care.

The ZOB Forum has a group of senior advisers from both the private and public sectors and seeks to come up with new strategies of interaction with various continents as a way of opening up many investment doors for the country as the country embrace the new dispensation of doing things by advancing growth and business competitiveness in the country.